Some Things UP is an installation about the desire for unattainable freedom. Inspired by the exhibition DYLABY (1962) in the Stedelijk Museum, Aldo Brinkhoff pays tribute to Jean Tinguely’s balloon room, which was part of this exhibition.

DYLABY revolved around bridging the gap between artist and public by allowing viewers to actively participate in the works. By entering the middle of the installations, visitors had to wonder whether they were still in the museum. Tinguely was averse to ‘the white cube’, in which art had to be ‘succeeded’ and ‘finished’. Brinkhoff exports the balloon room far away from the ‘white cube’, in the middle of nature. The inaccessible freedom that frustrated Tinguely facilitates Brinkhoff with this work. Here he lays the link with the contemporary entertainment culture in which the paradox arose that the sold-out parties and festivals are the most coveted but unattainable. Unlike Tinguely’s balloon room, the visitor cannot be part of it by definition.


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