Especially for the opening of the exhibition Machinespektakel (1/10/16 ā€“ 4/03/17) in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Brinkhoff turned his balloon installation into a photo booth.

Originally, this installation was part of the Kunst Kermis; an exhibition that consisted of 4 spaces. The start was a room entitled Ken Uzelf (Know Yourself), in which the art vision of Ritsaert ten Cate was highlighted. In the two following spaces after, Ecstasy & Confusion, works by several artists were shown. In the last space, entitled Catharsis, the balloon installation was on view.

Machinespektakel showed the work of Jean Tinguely (1925-1991). The Swiss artist played a major role in the development of kinetic art in the 1950s. The exhibition Machinespektakelshowed more than a hundred, mostly working machine sculptures, films, photographs, drawings and archival material. Tinguely’s artistic development and motifs are made visible chronologically and thematically; such as his predilection for absurd play and his fascination for destruction and transience.







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